How Snoring Can Affect People

The best way to relax and gain energy is to sleep. It is the time where you don’t feel stress, worried, pressured and more. It is our comfort zone. The most peaceful place is your room, and the most peaceful time is the whole night. Sleep is our only way to escape the difficulty of reality. But what if this comfort zone of ours will be disturbed by a weird noise? Our reaction for sure is to be irritated.

Many of us know a person in our family or friends who infrequently snore or worse, every night. They sometimes sound like a whistle but for the more severe ones, they sound like a snort of an animal. If this condition happens to someone you know, don’t get mad because of it. It only means that there is something wrong with this someone.

Snoring is a sound produced by people who have a narrow airway. Don’t get me wrong. The airway of a human is wide enough to make the breathing smooth. But the thing is there are cases where this passage can be narrow and it will make it hard for us to breath. Here are the possible reasons why.

Why Do People Snore?

  • Overweight - being fat can lead to many irregularities in our body. We have to make sure that everything is balanced according to our needs. Snoring can be one of the results of having excess fats in our body. Fats can thicken the muscle tissues located in our throat. If that tissue thickens, the airway will get thinner and the air we breathe will be hard to come in and out. That occurrence will cause a vibration followed by a sound that we now called snoring.
  • Clogged nose - our nose can be clogged for different kinds of reasons. Since the nose is the other way for the air to escape, getting it clogged will also cause snoring. Always keep your nose clean and when you have a cold, be sure to do something to take the mucus out. Anything that hinders the airway might cause an irritating sound.
  • Wrong position - a lying back position with a pillow that won’t elevate your head with a measurement of at least four inches is a very wrong posture of sleeping. It will only make your tongue go backward and block the passageway of the air. If you will notice, heavy snorers often times sleep in their back with their chin up. This is their case. The airway blocked by the tongue will make a horrible sound that might wake up the people beside them. That is why most people will only push them to change their position to sideways and the noise will be gone in no time.
  • Alcohol consumption - some people used alcohol to sleep fast. What they don’t know is that they won’t get a normal sleep with it. Alcohol holds a chemical that can make the muscle in your throat relax. A relaxed muscle will make the airway thin and as we already know, tough breathing will result in a vibration that produces a weird sound.
  • Sedatives and sleeping pills - drugs like these consist of a chemical that also has an effect of making the muscle relax in the throat. Same as alcohol, these drugs have been deceiving people that they will have a good night sleep. But the side effect of it will be unnoticeable. There are only rare cases where the snorer will be wakened up by his own snore.
  • The wrong diet - since fats have been causing our throat some trouble, we might as well consider our diet. Dairy foods are the great supplier of fats. Even those people who are not overweight can have excess fats in the throat. So you better watch your diet. It can contribute to your snoring.

Effects of Snoring to People

Snoring won’t just end of you (and your partner) getting disturbed. It will affect your whole well being if not taken care of immediately. You have to be aware of what it can do to you and everyone around you for you to get pushed to make a move. By being aware, you’ll start to think of ways also on how to get rid of it. But first, here are some effects that you need to be aware of.

  • Irritation- we all know that any sound can awaken someone else’s consciousness. We tend to get alarmed when our sleep got interrupted. We would assume that something happened. But to be awakened by a snore is always not an alarming condition as it sounds. Why do you think? Because you thought that it’s just how they sleep. But no! Being irritated is not the right reaction to snorers. You actually have to be concerned. Because snoring is an irregularity in someone’s breathing. Though being irritated is inevitable, you might want to consider the condition of your partner first. Irritation will not only happen by the time your sleep got interrupted, it will occur the whole day for having not enough sleep.
  • Loss of concentration- if your sleep got interrupted, you might lose your concentration throughout the day. People in this situation will find it hard to focus on something, work, studies, etc. this can happen to the snorer itself and his partner. Imagine the result of being unable to function right in your given tasks. It would be a big trouble for you. Knowing that it was the result of you making a disturbing noise at night, it’s unacceptable.
  • Sleep deprivation- an eye bag is a sign of sleep deprivation or having lack of sleep. This condition will affect mostly our cognitive function and brain. Since snoring can interrupt our sleep, it is considered a possible contributor to this condition. This is the most affected part of snoring. If this happens, many problems will follow.
  • Drowsiness- being unable to complete a sleep can cause drowsiness to the snorer and his partner. They can experience dozing off in work, school and anywhere they are. Have you experienced having that feeling where you feel like your head was floating and all you want to do is close your eyes and let the feeling take over you? That’s the result of having an incomplete sleep due to an interrupting sound.
  • Weak immune system- snoring can affect you this much. If you are a heavy snorer and is experiencing it every night, it might weaken your immune system. Because not enough sleep can weaken it. And having a weak immune system means you are prone to different kinds of illnesses. This is all because you were snoring and you got awaken by it that results in an incomplete hour of sleep. What’s worse is when it also happens in your partner because of you.

Contributors of Snoring

There are many things that may contribute to snoring. A lot of them were habitual that makes it hard for us to notice. We often times do whatever we wanted to do without thinking of the possible outcome. Snoring might be a minor problem but letting it be will make it a major problem. We have to consider all the possible things that might trigger this occurrence. So I’m giving you this list for you to be aware of the things that might be causing your loud noise.

Alcohol                      Dairy foods

Stress                        Heavy meals

Medications               Sleep position

Smoking                    Cold


Helpful Tips for Snorers

You can just avoid those things listed above but there are better ways to make it stop. If you know that you are a snorer, better make a move and do something about that loud noise that is coming from you. It’s quite embarrassing to be the one creating the disturbances in your home. So make an effort. It will not just make your home peacefully quiet but it will also benefit you. Do these tips and you will get a better sleep.

  • Vocal exercise
  • Eat less fatty foods
  • Use nasal strips
  • Sleep in a sideways position
  • Use CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
  • Use oral device
  • Unclog your nose
  • Surgery to remove the excess tissue
  • Exercise your jaw and tongue.
  • Eat less food before going to sleep

  • Final Thought

    To be able to get enough sleep is a big factor in our body. Every bit of energy that has been used in our activities the whole day will get charged in the night. Sleeping will make everything in us rest including our mind and our body. We can only achieve it if there are no disturbances in our surrounding and in our body. Taking good care of yourself is the most effective way to avoid any kind of illnesses. Snoring may be just a minor problem to you but what it can do is the real deal. If you need to use appliances for your condition, don’t hesitate to use one. It will help you have a good night of sleep that will give you a refreshing morning to wake up in to.

    Don’t wait for a much alarming situation wherein it already affects everyone around you. Keep in mind that this condition can worsen every time you ignore it and continue your habitual doings. The problem with us people is we ignore the things that we thought is not serious until it gets troublesome for all. This simple problem can affect many things, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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