How To Fix Snoring

We all have the same problem - Snoring. Let us know first what snoring is. Snoring is a condition wherein there is a vibration from your nose to throat. This happens when you lay flat on you back. The air is not going through the air passage easily.

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Snoring may seem like a simple matter. Trust me, it is not. There are so many illnesses that are because of simple snoring. Snoring depends on the activity that the person is doing. This also depends on the loudness and the severity of the case.

Snoring is also based on the lifestyle of a person. When the person is a heavy drinker of alcoholic beverages, this will be likely the tendency. Snoring is very serious that you need to watch out for possible underlying medical or health problems. Snoring can be treated medically, surgical, and non-surgical.

What are the causes of snoring?

  • In and out flow of air between our nose when we are breathing also flowing from our lungs.
  • You can hear sounds when you are simply breathing while sitting.
  • You can feel some odd production of sounds when you exercise and try to breathe.
  • This also happens when we are sleeping. The air passage narrows thus resulting the tissues to create a vibrating sound.
  • Obesity is also a factor in snoring. The tissue that are in your nasal area is thickening.
  • Pregnancy also contributes to snoring. The same thing with obesity, you will gain weight. When you gain weight, the tissue within the nasal area will thicken.
  • Allergies that leads to flu and congestion can also lead to snoring.
  • Genetic factor means you will inherit the enlargement of tonsils and large adenoids are the factors that can make you snore.
  • Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking
  • Some medications you use for certain illnesses
  • Muscle relaxant that you drink is also a factor because when the muscle in your throat relaxes, that is where you will snore.
  • Aging

What are the underlying medical or health problems caused by snoring?

Like I have said earlier, snoring is a serious matter. I have a friend who knows someone who died because of snoring. They thought that it was just a simple matter. Just a simple snoring. They did not know that this is a sign of much something serious.

In the autopsy, they said that he had a heart attack. They were surprised to know about this. They said that they know this person is having trouble breathing. Why? They said that when he started gaining weight. He has been eating unhealthy food with no exercise.

After this, they have noticed that he had been snoring a lot. He also drink alcoholic beverages a lot every night. This is where his snoring worsen. They thought that this is just common. Little do they know that heart disease is beginning to happen. Sad thing is that he never get the chance to consult a doctor.

He died of heart attack and a heart failure. They ignored the fact that snoring is a sign of something serious that is going on with his body. That is why right now, I will list down the possible underlying medical problems due to snoring.

    • Heart diseases - This happens when the walls of carotid arteries or the arteries that link the heart to the brain is thickening due to excessive snoring. This may lead so sudden heart attack. When fatal, this could be deadly.
    • When you are experiencing difficulties in sleeping - This is when you experience like you are choking or gasping for air in your sleep. When this occur, try to relax your breathing.
    • When you wake up and want to urinate often - Frequent urination is a sign of something serious that is because of snoring.
    • Depression, Moodiness, and Irritability - You won’t notice this much but this is a side effect of snoring too much.
    • When you can’t concentrate well - This is also linking to depression.
  • When you are experiencing headaches in the morning - This is not a simple thing because this may lead to irritability and moodiness.
    • When you are experiencing pauses when you are breathing - This is a sign of possible heart disease so you better watch out for this.
    • When you feel the need to sleep a lot during the day - Sleeping a lot may be a sign of depression. This can also lead to moodiness and irritability because of lack of natural sleep.

    These signs and symptoms that are mentioned above are because of frequent and excessive snoring. You have to watch out for these symptoms and signs to avoid further problems.

    You will be surprised how a single problem can lead to a much bigger problem when there is lack of attention. The list above are also a sign of other possible diseases that might occur when the snoring is experienced consistently.

    Heart diseases may not be because of snoring alone. This could be genetic. Same as snoring. This could be hereditary. This can also be acquired. Like I have said, when your lifestyle is not good, you will likely snore.

    The experience I have mentioned above is a proof of how snoring happens and what can happen to you. We will discuss now the help we can give to other people and to ourselves to avoid snoring.

    Knowing the ways to fix your snoring

    • You should avoid drinking too much alcohol. It is not bad to drink alcohol. You should drink alcohol in full moderation. You should not drink alcoholic beverages before bedtime.
    • You have to quit smoking now. This habit is really unhealthy. This can make your snoring worse. You should avoid this at all cost. There are so many helpful tips you can search online to avoid smoking.
    • Are you taking sedatives? Do you want to stop snoring? Then you have to stop or lessen your intake of sedatives. If it is not possible to stop taking sedatives then you should drink for at least two hours before bedtime.
    • Take your chance to undergo Somnoplasty. This treatment is good to reduce your snoring. If you are not sure about this process, there are specialists who are willing to explain to you the process.
    • Proper surgery or Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. This procedure is done through laser. To be familiar to this treatment, you need to talk to a Physician.
    • Try to consider palatal implants. This palatal implants can help to stiffen your palate to reduce or prevent you from snoring.
    • You should consider buying trusted oral appliances. There are so many oral appliances online or at the drugstore that can help you with your snoring. These devices can make it easier for you to breathe.
    • Are you not getting enough sleep? If you want to stop snoring, you should get more and better sleep. The ideal length of time that you should be sleeping is about seven to eight hours.
    • Watch your weight. Obesity is the main reason on why you are snoring. If you manage to lose your weight, your snoring will lessen or eventually be gone. You should avoid fatty food, exercise regularly, and create a perfect diet plan guided by your nutritionist.
    • Avoid sleeping on your back. This will make your snoring worse. Try to sleep on your side. You can switch side to make yourself comfortable. This is important so that the air can flow easily the air passages.
    • There are nasal strips you can use. These nasal strips are just stick on that is why they are easy to apply. There is also a nasal dilator you can use. This has a same effect as the nasal strips. These products can help the air flow easily making it easier for breathing.
    • Do not lay flat. When you lay on your back, make sure to elevate your neck up to your head for few inches. This will help your air passage to remain open and accessible.
    • Another problem is with your nose. If you are experiencing problems with you nose that is causing you to snore, go talk to you doctor. This may be a sign of something serious. This could be corrected through surgical procedures.
    • If you have chronic allergies, you need to treat these right away. There are several over the counter medications that can treat your allergies. If this problem is not attended right away, this may lead to more snoring. You know that snoring can lead to some serious illnesses.

    Fixing your snoring problem is an easy thing to solve. There is nothing to be afraid of. You just have to follow some simple steps and advices. All problems can be solved with early diagnosis and treatment. You should discipline yourself and avoid things that you need to avoid.

    You need to be careful with your diet and your choice of food. Do not be afraid of visiting your doctor. You should know if you need some surgical procedures to avoid terrible consequences. Lastly, discipline yourself. There is no better cure than discipline.

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