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Lose Weight

Did you know there is a relationship to snoring and being overweight? Some overweight people have an increased amount of tissue in their throat, shrinking their airways. Couple that with a tongue and muscles that relax while sleeping, and it can make for a loud night of snoring. 

If you started snoring after you gained weight, then there’s a good chance that if you lose weight your snoring will disappear. 

Losing weight can be a slow process, so be patient. As long as you increase your exercise and find a healthy diet that works for you, you’ll see the pounds come off and your snoring vanish. 

Snoring has been proven to increase if you drink it 4-5 hours before bed. Alcohol is a depressant. It contracts brain cells and depresses your central nervous system. That can lead to a decrease in the muscle tone in your mouth and throat. That would explain why some people only snore after a night of drinking. 

If you find your snoring is worse after you drink alcohol, you can reduce your symptoms by avoiding drinking for a few hours before bed.

Avoid Sedatives & Muscle Relaxers 

This falls along the lines of avoiding alcohol before bed. Relaxed muscles can make it easier for you to snore. 

Each medication is different, so it’s hard to put a timeframe on how much time before bed you should take your pill. Of course if you’re in pain, you may have to deal with the snoring so you can find relief. 

If you think this is a possible contributor to your snoring, talk to your doctor to see if there are any alternate medications.

If your snoring is tied to irritated sinuses or a stuffy nose from allergies, medication may be your answer. There are natural snoring remedies as well that you may want to consider.

Watch What You Eat Before Bed


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