What to Do With a Snoring Frenchie

Despite his gloomy and yet adorable expression, Frenchie dog is somewhat more entertaining especially when they were sleeping. You can even spend most of your time watching them sleep on your couch or perhaps in your arms. But what if during your cozy afternoon you suddenly hear a snoring sounds? And still there is no other sleeping in your room but your Frenchie dog who do the sounds?

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Frenchie dog does not only contain physical characteristic, and yet they habitually snore excessively too. However, in this case, don’t feel alarmed! There is a certain explanation why your Frenchie dog or other dogs are also snoring.

In that case, though we used to think that snoring only happens for human, however, we also didn’t realize that it can also occur in our pet, most especially the Frenchie dog. This dog has a flat-faced breeds, which is one of the most prone dogs that are affected by snoring. Why? Since the airways of this dog are shorter than other breed dogs, the tendency is, they will have difficulties in breathing.  

On the other hand, a snoring dog is quite difficult to treat like in treating the snoring inhuman. Like us, they also have several factors why the snoring happens during their sleep. In this case, learn more about in this article on what you can do to your snoring Frenchie Dog, so that, can both of you will benefit in having a good night sleep!


What Causes of Snoring in Frenchie Dog?

We all know that snores occur while we breathe and sleeps. This snoring sound is produced by the surrounding tissue vibrate in your respiratory frame which affects the breathing while asleep. This problem is the result when the airway becomes obstructed which created by the soft palate and the uvula.

While, the snoring in your pet is the result of blockage on their nostril or nasal passageway, this will cause to the obstruction in the airway. Though the causes of snoring in human are likely similar in snoring dog, yet, on the other hand, it can also treatable.

Therefore, before you treat or seek to a veterinarian’s advice, you should need first look what are those certain factors why your Frenchie dog snores at night. In this way, you can easily find its solution and prevent their sleep issues in snoring.

Here are some obstructions which contribute to snoring in your Frenchie Dog

  • Blockage in Nasal Airway
  • Jaw Tension
  • Medication
  • Excess fatty tissues in throat
  • Using medications
  • Narrowing the throat
  • Sleep position of your dog

On the other hand, there are several common reasons why you Frenchie Dog snores at night, possibly the list will contribute in snoring of your dog.

Dental Issues

  • One of the possible cause of snoring in a dog is the untreated dental issues such as the oral cavity, swelling, and even sinus. Once this tooth problem leads to inflammation in the dog’s mouth, it can easily obstruct the airway which ends to snoring.  However, when this issue becomes severe, this requires more attention in medication.

Dog Breed

  • There is a certain dog breed which is prone to snoring such as Boston Terriers, Frenchie Dog (Bulldog), Pomeranians, Shih-Tzu and Pekinese. If you have one of this dog, perhaps be ready to the consequences of snoring. Why? These dogs have flattened-faced with small nostrils, short nose, and pushed-in snout. When this associated with a longer soft palate, it will sticks out into the airways in dog’s mouth. Additionally, the small throat with a bulge soft tissue in the larynx, can lead to snoring. In short, when the dog’s throat is flattened, it is difficult for them to breathe properly.

Dog’s Excess Weight

  • Likewise, in human, the excess fats around the throat can cause to snoring. However, in dogs, the higher the number of tissues in their throat, the possibilities it can narrow their airways. According to the explanations of Dr. Kara, a professional veterinarian “If your dog has put on some weight, more snoring is expected because swollen tissues in the pharynx or soft palate tend to become more prominent and therefore noisier” On the other hand, not only snoring is the result of overweight. Overweight can also lead to heart problems and the possibility of getting joint issues in dogs. So, if you want your canine to avoid the risk of snoring, losing weight is an ideal solution for that issues.


  • There are some factors which can contribute to the snoring of your dog including the duct, smoke, and pollen. Similar to a person, the dog can also encounter nasal allergies which can make them hard to breathe. These allergies can produce mucus which is capable to obstruct nostrils and end up to snoring. On the other hand, if your dog is prone to allergy, replacing your air filter will help to prevent the snoring.

Nasal Blockage

  • We all know that the dog loves to dig, roll, drinks and eats, but as like in people, this can also trigger to snoring. Those possible factors can affect the frame of your dog which can lead to a cold. Mucus from cold can contribute snoring in which it results to nasal congestion. However, if the blockage is the caused by a cyst, then, perhaps, surgery is needed to avoid the severe snoring of your dog.  


What should I do?

A snoring dog is likely inclined to the snoring of human - it is truly bothersome, especially when you are at the same room hearing that annoying sounds. However, as like any other sufferer of snores, there is a particular way that can reduce the snoring of your Frenchie Dog including the following:

  • At the first time you notice that your dog is snoring, don’t ignore it, instead see to your veterinarian to examine what is the possible cause of the snoring in your dog.  If the snoring of your dog is due to several health problems, the vet will prescribe some medications to stop its snoring. However, if the vet suspected that it is caused by a cyst or tumor, then surgery is required to treat the snoring of your dog.

  • As mentioned above, the longer soft palate can cause to snoring. In case your dog has one of this, then surgical correction is needed to stop snoring.

  • Giving fewer foods to your dog can lessen the chance of snoring. Overweight and snoring are related because of fatty tissues which can affect the surrounding tissue in the throat.

  • If your dog is suffering from allergy, it's not too late to ask the vet for allergy medications.

On the other hand, there are certain tools which can help your dog to reduce snoring such as:

  • Air Humidifiers: This can help relieve the dryness in the room. Humidifiers can add moistures in the air.
  • Pillows: Providing your canine pillows will attract them to lift up their head during sleeping. In that case, it can lessen that chance of snoring.
  • Moving with other rooms: This can prevent allergies cause by snoring.

  • All this treatment are can also apply to use by people with snores. Although, there is a certain treatment for snoring dogs like changing beddings, avoiding dust and weight loss to severe solutions such as surgery. Those are helpful in reducing your dog’s snore, in that case, you can both benefit from having a peaceful sleep.

    Signs that your Dog need to see a vet.

    According to Dr. Werber statement “If your dog has never snored but all of a sudden is snoring, that should be investigated”, "We would want to know if there's a problem with his nose, like a severe infection. Are we looking at something in the back of their throat? But if your dog has always snored, and he's otherwise happy and playful and active, and the snoring is only at night, then don't worry about it."

    So, here are some few list of symptoms why you need vet to check up your Frenchie Dog to prevent snoring.

    • Irregular breathing
    • Allergies in Dust
    • Second-hand smoke
    • If this is the first time that your dog snore unexpectedly
    • Having an excess weight
    • Throat infection
    • Like in human, dog also has a habit that sleeping on the back.

    These are some possible symptoms that your dog is suffering from snoring. So, in case you Frenchie dog has one in the above list, then visiting a vet is a good decision to stop your dog from snoring.


    Final Thought

    If you notice several symptoms of snoring in your Frenchie dog which becomes serious, then probably, it indicates an underlying health issue in your dog. Seeing a veterinarian will help, however, there are some cases which your dog doesn’t respond to certain medication in which the vet prescribed.

    On the other hand, if you want to have a peaceful sleep at night, moving your dog in another room will help to achieve your sleep pattern. In addition to that, if you find your Frenchie dog snore at the very first time, take your dog in a vet to check them up. In that case, it will do certain examination whether your dog is suffering from possible diseases like cyst or tumors. Furthermore, the two diseases play roles in making a loud sound noise in your dog which is known as snoring.  

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