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Customer Reviews

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Bought the Kit

I bought the kit with the ZenGuard and all I can say is it's 10x better than the CPAP mask I used to wear and I was slightly skeptical at first (since I've tried other products like nasal strips and mouth guards) but the ZenGuard actually works. In fact, I just sold my CPAP machine on eBay - I was thinking about keeping it as a Hannibal Lecter mask for Halloween, but I'd rather have the cash.

This is my first ZenSleep product and I was a nose AND throat snorer, so I wear both the ZenGuard and the ZenVents at the same time (I also ended up buying the snoring kit at a discount that appears once you start checking out). The product does work and it takes time getting used to it -- it took probably 3 days of a slightly sore tongue, but now it's perfect. My wife and I can finally sleep in the same bed again and we both don't wake up tired and groggy anymore. AND our marriage is better than ever -- I recently discovered that snoring is the #3 cause of divorce, and I refused to let that happen to me. Best money I've spent in the past 3 years.

I used this promo code SECRET10 and saved 10% off. Not sure if this code will still work and if I should even be sharing this, but I suppose if just a few people can sleep better at night, I'll have done my job. Get one now and sleep tight.


Works great!

I use this along with my CPAP.

I have severe obstructive apnea. I have used a CPAP machine for years. It certainly helps to get the air through, but I still have the obstruction and wake frequently. Using this device along with my CPAP is giving me better, more restful sleep. It's taking some time to get used to the ZenGuard, but every night gets easier. I have long thought that the CPAP needed something more to address the obstruction. Thank you for this.


I had my tonsils and uvula removed to cure my sleep apnea and snoring. Unbelievable pain and it only lasted a month. Been using this for over a week and it's actually working. Can't even tell you how many things I've tried...... my wife thanks you!!!!

Tried the rest...

This works best for me!

It works.

I am a snorer. I searched for solutions other than CPAP since I'm a little claustrophobic. When I found the Zen Guard ad and watched the video I decided to try it. What a difference it has made for me. My husband was so pleased that I found Zen Guard and says I don't keep him awake any more. I am sleeping through the night now and as a result I feel much more rested and energetic. The minute I put it in I can feel my throat open up so that I can breathe effortlessly. There may be some negatives, but they are so minor they are not worth mentioning.


Absolutely works!!!! Amazing! The sleep in same bed all night dilemma is over! Thank you!

It Works!

Two weeks of use and the "Big Boy Binky" as we call it is working fine.

Well rested

I know not all causes of sleep apnea are the same for everyone, however, the tongue guard made a major difference for me. I was tested last Dec for sleep apnea and found to have a severe obstructive case. I then found your Zen Sleep products and decided to give them a try. The results for me were immendiate. I was waking up well rested, not wanting to fall asleep during the day and I could think more clearly! I also stopped snoring!
When I visited the respiratory office and discussed the difference the tongue guard had made, they were skeptical. They told me the only way to be sure was to do a repeat sleep study. I opted to retest. I got my results yesterday. The results were a NORMAL sleep study!!
Thank you so much for developing this product. I am an active person and was dreading having to use the CPAP machine. For me, your tongue guard, is the best!

New customer!

Bought it in hopes that it would correct my waking gasping for air (apnea) and therefore correct my extreme exhaustion during waking hours. I have no insurance and couldn't afford a sleep study. All my relatives small and thin are on CPAP machines. So it is in our family. Best money spent! I received the order in timely manner. Clear directions,which i followed. Took 10 days for my tongue to adjust. But I've had the best solid sleep from day one. My hubs says i no longer make a sound during sleep! Best of all...no afternoon naps needed! I completely recommend this to someone struggling with obstructive apnea symptoms.