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Customer Reviews

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It works.

I am a snorer. I searched for solutions other than CPAP since I'm a little claustrophobic. When I found the Zen Guard ad and watched the video I decided to try it. What a difference it has made for me. My husband was so pleased that I found Zen Guard and says I don't keep him awake any more. I am sleeping through the night now and as a result I feel much more rested and energetic. The minute I put it in I can feel my throat open up so that I can breathe effortlessly. There may be some negatives, but they are so minor they are not worth mentioning.

Well rested

I know not all causes of sleep apnea are the same for everyone, however, the tongue guard made a major difference for me. I was tested last Dec for sleep apnea and found to have a severe obstructive case. I then found your Zen Sleep products and decided to give them a try. The results for me were immendiate. I was waking up well rested, not wanting to fall asleep during the day and I could think more clearly! I also stopped snoring!
When I visited the respiratory office and discussed the difference the tongue guard had made, they were skeptical. They told me the only way to be sure was to do a repeat sleep study. I opted to retest. I got my results yesterday. The results were a NORMAL sleep study!!
Thank you so much for developing this product. I am an active person and was dreading having to use the CPAP machine. For me, your tongue guard, is the best!

New customer!

Bought it in hopes that it would correct my waking gasping for air (apnea) and therefore correct my extreme exhaustion during waking hours. I have no insurance and couldn't afford a sleep study. All my relatives small and thin are on CPAP machines. So it is in our family. Best money spent! I received the order in timely manner. Clear directions,which i followed. Took 10 days for my tongue to adjust. But I've had the best solid sleep from day one. My hubs says i no longer make a sound during sleep! Best of all...no afternoon naps needed! I completely recommend this to someone struggling with obstructive apnea symptoms.

No more snoring

My husband reports no more snoring. I do have a problem with losing the mouthpiece because I can't get enough suction. Otherwise it took a couple of days to adjust to the mouthpiece. I'm happy that it has solved the problem of my snoring issue. I have not, however, notice a difference in feeling more rested.

It works.

It works better than expected.

Device works, for real!

I would give it 5 stars if there was some way to ensure I didn't take it out of my mouth though. My brain is fairly sharp. It doesn't need to wake me up to tell my body that it isn't comfortable, and to do what it takes to get that thing out of your mouth. I have been waking up, finding it and putting it back in my mouth, cause I know it works.

Actually, it isn't very uncomfortable at all, but I guess my brain is sensitive!

skeptical no more

Seeing the add for Zen sleep my first words were "how can a pacifier keep me from snoring?" Having an attitude of I'll try anything once, I ordered a Zen Sleep snoring solution. After one week...."WOW" my wife made the comment "you're so quiet when you sleep, how refreshing." I have tried mouth guards, and I have a CPAP, and honestly, this ZEN sleep is easy to use and doesn't take long to become acclimated with it. Yes I have lost it several times while sleeping but once I find it and replace it on my tongue, back to sleep I go. The saying goes.."try it, you'll like it" I have to say its nice sleeping in my on bed and not on the couch. Skeptical no more, I am. Thank you for this product. Eric C

Great alternative for those who can't or won't wear a cpap

This is a great alternative for those who snore but can't or won't wear a cpap. It's been about two months since I ordered this device for my husband, who snores very loudly all night long. He tried the cpap off and on for a few years and finally said he would no longer use it - I have been looking for alternate devices ever since. We also have a sound machine going at a fairly high level and I wear earplugs but the snoring is so loud it still wakes me up numerous times per night. When he wears this device there is very little snoring and that improvement is like night and day for me. So far, in two months, he is up to 2 hours at most per night. He reports that at first it made his tongue very sore but that reduced over time. He wakes up and takes it out after half hour to two hours each night but I am grateful for the time I get to sleep soundly. I'm hoping he will eventually begin to sleep longer with the device in place. In the process of this search I had myself tested and found that I have mild sleep apnea. Since I would like to avoid the long term effects of untreated sleep apnea, (increased risk for heart disease, stroke and dementia), I have chosen to adapt to using a cpap. I am claustrophobic and was worried about being able to use it but with concentrated effort now use it all night most nights for the past four months. I don't snore much so only suspected I might have a problem because of feeling short of breath when waking up. All of this is to emphasize how important it is to treat sleep apnea in anyway that you can. I hope you find relief with this device - it is so portable!

The nose vents work for me! Eye mask is excellent too

So I ordered the tongue device and the company gifted me everything else (very cool!). The tongue device for me doesn't work as well but the vents work really really good!!! (turns out I'm a nasal snorer not mouth)... I was like wide awake at work for the first time in a very long time. Thank you so much. Turns out my snoring is more nasal (restricted breathing) so I use the big setting for the vents and I feel awake. I also use the eye mask which blocks out lots of light especially blue light which turns out also was messing up my sleep.

Amazing Results!

I am so amazed at the results from the moment I put the device in I was sleeping soundly with no trouble and my husband said it was eerily quiet in the bedroom all night. He said he had a hard time sleeping because there was no snoring! I feel better than ever and well rested. Thank you Zen Sleep.