Scholarship Program

Higher education is important, but so often, students don’t go to college because the expense is too great. We want them to follow their dreams and pursue the college education. That’s why we offer a scholarship to select students who are considering a career in science, journalism or marketing. We want these students to become the future leaders of America. They will be the influencers in our industry.

Our scholarship contest will give students the opportunity to focus on their studies and prepare for the future in their designated industry. We want you to create a two-minute video discussing your education goals, your motivations on why you want to study that field and your expected contributions to the fields of sciences, journalism or marketing. We want you to discuss how you will make a difference in the future. We want you to consider how you are special and have something to contribute in the future.

All contestants will be chosen by a small panel from our team and receive $500 scholarship. You may use the scholarship for tuition or academic-related expenses. Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program. Good luck.

We look forward to seeing you in the future as the leaders of America.

Application Requirements and Eligibility