ZenGuard User Instructions

In order for you to be comfortable while you use your ZenGuard, please follow instructions to get best possible results.

ZenGuard is a Tongue Retaining Device that gently pulls and retains your tongue gently forward, preventing it from falling back thus obstructing the airways.


For maximum comfort while using your ZenGuard, please follow the step-by-step directions.

Please note: Your tongue may slightly change color or experience mild numbness after the first use. This is common and goes away with regular use.

  1. Take the ZenGuard out of it's package and rinse it under hot water to soften the device.


  1. With the V-notch facing down, use your thumb and forefinger to gently pinch down on the bulb.


  1. Side your tongue in until it touches the sides of the device. Release your fingers.

  1. You should feel your tongue get sucked in. If you need more suction gently pump the bulb. It should look like you're wearing a pacifier.

Please Note: Too much suction will be uncomfortable, while too little suction will not hold the ZenGuard in place. Practice a few times until you get the right amount of suction that works for you.


  1. To remove the device, use your thumb and forefinger to press on the sides. That should break the suction. Pull the device off your tongue.

  1. After each use, rinse the device under hot water. Store it in the provided container.

Please Note: You should not store the device in mouthwash or any other chemical that contains alcohol. Alcohol will damage the product and void the warranty.

  1. After you receive your device, wait 24 hours before you sleep with it on. During the first day, practice wearing it a few times to get your tongue used to wearing it. Do not keep it on longer than 10 minutes.

Please Note:
You should not store the device in mouthwash or any other chemical that contains alcohol. Alcohol will damage the product and void the warranty.

Most people can comfortably use the ZenGuard after a couple days, for others it may take more. Be patient as your tongue gets used to and strong enough for the device.

After a day of practice, you are now ready to sleep wearing the ZenGuard. To wear it to bed, repeat steps 1-4.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) My device falls off during a night

The main cause is too little suction in the device. Stick the tip of your tongue farther into device to create more suction while pressing on the end until the device stays on and you get a good night’s sleep.  Continued usage and comfortable suction control will eliminate device falling off during a night. This issue is experienced by less than 10% of our users.

2) I have increased Salivation during use-

While awake, we swallow frequently. When asleep, we swallow much less. When something is placed between the jaws, salivation is a normal response. Some people may salivate excessively with initial usage of ZenGuard, but this side effect will be reduced within a week or so of continued use.  Most users will experience this initially because salivating is automatic. After a week or so, the brain recognizes the device is not food and stops Salivating.

Increased Saliva is experienced by 60% of our users initially but goes away after few weeks.

3) My tongue is very sensitive or changed color-

There is too much suction during use. Adjust by either withdrawing the tongue slightly or reducing the suction a little. Tilt or twist the device while it has suction OR pull the guard slightly forward on the tongue to reduce suction. Sensation will diminish or disappear as tongue becomes accustomed to the device. This is experienced by less than 10 % of our users, but goes away after tongue gets used to the suction.