Super All-in-One Stop-Snoring Bundle [SALE]

Super All-in-One Stop-Snoring Bundle [SALE]

$195.00 $400.00

Imagine going to bed tonight with NO more snoring, and getting a super deep 9 hr sleep you really deserve after a long day of work. This is a professional, doctor-recommended anti-snoring device. There is nothing like Zen Sleep on the market. No prescription required and results guaranteed. Sold out for months, Zen Sleep is now finally available to purchase here. The kit comes with everything you need.
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Finally get the sleep that you deserve! ZenSleep is proven and effective, all-in-one system that is guaranteed to stop snoring.

There is nothing like ZenSleep system on the market.

ZenGuard helps men and women stop snoring nearly overnight by retaining the tongue gently forward, preventing it from falling back and obstructing the airway.

ZenVents instantly stop snoring by maximizing airflow in nasal passageways.

ZenStrap instantly stops snoring by gently supporting the lower jaw while keeping the airway open and unrestricted.

ZenMask blocks out 100% of Light. Soft and 3D contoured with nose ridge and adjustable velcro straps.

ZenPlugs with comfortable ultra-soft noise reduction.

 A long-kept sleep doctor's secret, ZenSleep is now publicly available to purchase.

The system comes with everything you need to stop snoring - a $1800+ value if you went into a sleep clinic or a dentist office. 100% results money back guarantee

Includes All Hot Selling ZenSleep Items:

    Multi Pack ZenGuard (2 ZenGuards)
    Customer Testimonials
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    "I bought the two ZenGuard multi-pack and all I can say is it's 10x better than the CPAP mask I used to wear and I was slightly skeptical at first (since I've tried other products like nasal strips and mouth guards) but the ZenGuard actually works. In fact, I just sold my CPAP machine on eBay - I was thinking about keeping it as a Hannibal Lecter mask for Halloween, but I'd rather have the cash. This is my first ZenSleep product and I was a those AND throat snorer, so I wear both the ZenGuard and the ZenVents at the same time (I also ended up buying the snoring kit at a discount that appears once you start checking out). The product does work and it takes time getting used to it -- it took probably 3 days of a slightly sore tongue, but now it's perfect. My wife and I can finally sleep in the same bed again and we both don't wake up tired and groggy anymore. AND our marriage is better than ever -- I recently discovered that snoring is the #3 cause of divorce, and I refused to let that happen to me. Best money I've spent in the past 3 years.
    I used this promo code SECRET10 and saved 10% off. Not sure if this code will still work and if I should even be sharing this, but I suppose if just a few people can sleep better at night, I'll have done my job. Get one now and sleep tight." - David

    "My partner and I were researching cures for snoring, and he thought I was crazy to pay almost $100 for a snore kit, but I did some quick math to realize, I would have to pay over $350 to get everything ZenSleep sells in their kit if I bought the items separately on other websites and almost $3000 if I wanted to get a custom appliance from a dentist or sleep doctor. We got the kit 2 days later and wow! Not a noise all night! The pacifier-looking device worked wonders on me and the strap worked perfectly on my partner. We instantly bought 3 more kits: one for home, one for travel, and one to give to our friends. I'm not the type of guy who leaves reviews but I really want people to know how well this kit works, so even if just one person buys ZenSleep because of me I know I've helped someone, and that's all I care about." - Sarah

    “My husband snores like a bear, so bad that I leave and go in another room because ear plugs dont work, I am now 4.5 months pregnant and sleeping in another room and ear plugs will soon not be an option! THIS WORKS! It’s like he’s not in bed with me, lol.” - Nicole

    “It is way better than the CPAP mask and it works well for me. This is my first ZenSleep product and they work if your problem is snoring due to your tongue blocking the airway when you sleep. The product does work and it takes time getting used to it. It is way better than the CPAP mask I was using and waking up at night. Get one and sleep tight.” - Dan

    “So I must admit....I have snoring issues. It keeps my husband up and snoring prevents me from getting the best sleep I can get. So when I came across these anti snoring vents I figured I'd give it a try since nothing else has worked so far. At first when I got them and put them in my nose, it was a weird feeling having something in my nose. It didn't take too long to get used to though. There are a variety of sizes so I was able to find the one to fit my nose best. There is also a case to store them in. The best part is it actually works! My husband said I was much quieter since using them and I feel more rested each morning.” - Jennifer

    What Causes Snoring?

    Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the upper airway during sleep due to any or all of the following:

    • Large tonsils and uvula, a soft palate, and over-relaxed muscles and tongue falling back into the oropharynx.
    • Snoring occurs because air travels faster through the narrowed airway causing the relaxed soft tissues of the throat ( tonsils, soft palate, uvula or excessive flabby tissue ) to vibrate. This vibration is the sound of snoring.
    • In some cases, nasal congestion from allergies, nasal cavity deformities and internal obstructions, can contribute to narrowing of the airway.

    Is Snoring Harmful?

    Snoring prevents you and your partner from entering REM sleep which is not good for your health. In addition to sleep problems, snoring may be symptomatic of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).

    How do I choose which ZenSleep product is right for me?

    We encourage you to read through the descriptions for each product as they are designed for either mouth snorers or nose snorers or even a combination of both. If you still have questions please contact us here.

    There are many snoring devices on the market; what makes the ZenSleep better?

    The ZenSleep anti-snoring devices are the only oral appliances on the market today that directly addresses the causes of snoring, such as the tongue or narrow airways. ZenSleep is a dedicated sleep lab and unlike other appliances, our products are proven to work in clinical trials. ZenSleep is also dedicated to using BPA free materials and high quality craftsmanship to ensure comfort.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    It Actually Works!

    My husband couldn't be happier. It doesn't eliminate my snoring, but it certainly dampens the sound quite a bit.

    Weird Yet Effective Snore Stopper

    I love these little snore stoppers. When I first got them I thought they looked weird and didn't like the idea of putting something in my nose. But I tried them and they really work. Just find the right size, pop them in and your nose will stay open all night. No more mouth breathing.

    This is an absolutely wonderful product that brought me great

    This is an absolutely wonderful product that brought me great, immediate relief. Why drugstores don't carry this kind of nasal dilators is beyond me. They beat products with wings or adhesive by a mile. Easy to use and comfortable. Highly recommended. Thank you.

    Will buy again and again!

    Very satisfied that for a small price something so simple could really improve my sleeping. Not sure how much it actually reduces my snoring, but I am more rested and relaxed having used them. They take about 3 uses to get truly used to them, but not at all uncomfortable or intrusive.

    Great option for keeping airways open and help me so I don't snore!

    Awesome! I was very skeptical at first, but these open up the nasal passages just like a breath right, but they are re-usable (save money), and they do help me stop snoring! I also have a deviated septum which is why I have troubles breathing throughout the night anyway, but these even help with keeping those airways open!

    I can breathe through my nose.

    I had to try something because I have always been a loud mouth breather. I was skeptical, but willing to try something other than the nose strips (which didn't stay on long if your sweaty). I wear the nose vents every night. They come with a total of 4 pair, different sizes. I started with the smaller size. They are very comfortable and took me no time to get used to.

    Works sometimes

    Works alright, sometimes. My partner says that I am still snoring, so perhaps this isn't working as well as I think. It does work better than a snore strip, and cleaning it is pretty easy.

    Pleasantly surprised.

    Been very pleased with them. Bought them as a "what the hell, lets try it" kind of thing and was surprised at how well they work. My husband used to wake me up a few times a week for snoring. Now it's maybe once every couple weeks. I will say that when you 1st put them it feels weird, but once I lay down to sleep I don't notice them.

    Works great!

    This is my third order! I gave one to a friend's wife so she could get him to use them. They are great! I even tried one of those snoring apps on my smart phone to test out with and without. Significant improvement! Save your money, don't buy one of those expensive contraptions at the dentist office and try these first.

    works great

    The nose vent do stop snoring. They do take a little to get used to, but after a little while they are comfortable. I had to use the large set to stop snoring. The small set fit better, but probably didn't open my nose enough. Like others, I just ran the smart phone app to record snoring. It definitely worked better than I expected.

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